Jimco specialises in UV-C & ozone technology and was established in 1993.

Jimco’s kitchen pollution control systems (KPC) can be installed in almost any hood for the purpose of cleaning contaminated air resulting from the production of food.

The KPC systems has been tested by Force Technology who is certified to conduct Environmental Technology Verification (ETV).

Brief Overview

The JIMCO lamps are placed in steel frames, which are installed behind the grease filters in the hood. Where this is not possible due to lack of space then in an enclosure immediately above the hood.

Exposure to intensive UV-C light and ozone oxidation causes contaminants in the air to be destroyed, resulting in the reduction of odour emissions to the surroundings and no grease deposits in the ductwork.

The Process

1. The contaminated air passes through the KPC unit.

2. The UV-C rays break down the organic molecules.

3. The Oxygen converts into Ozone.

4. The Ozone combines with the organic substances in the air.

5. The organic substances are oxidized.

6. The oxidized substances are removed through the duct system.

Photolyic Oxidation

Photolytic oxidation is a combination of photolysis & ozonolysis.

Photolysis is a process of photo-decomposition where the organic molecules (e.g. fat, grease and oil) are broken down by photons, when exposed to UV-C light.

Ozonolysis is the process of oxidation of the photo-decomposed molecule which when exposed to the ozone (produced by the lamps) is incinerated by means of cold incineration.

The photolytic oxidation process leaves no volatile compounds.

After combustion the waste product is water, oxygen and CO2 & polymerized grease.

Benefits for Restaurants

Grease and fat reduction 75-85 %

  • Eliminates the need of regularly cleaning in the hood as wells as ductwork.
  • Clean ductwork results in improved exhaust efficiency : reduced power consumption from the fan.
  • Optimizing heat recovery thanks to clean air.
  • Decreased fire risk (In Denmark the insurance companies will give restaurant owners an insurance rate reduction if they install our system).

Odor reduction to the surroundings between 44-91 %

  • Exhaust can be placed at street level.
  • No complaining neighbors.
  • Authorities allow restaurants to be located in areas that are sensitive to odor (Because of our documentation).

Clean environmentally friendly technology – No use of chemicals.


No bacteria growth in hoods or ducts.


Low operation and maintenance costs.




Our products list includes:

– AMCA certified Corrosion resistant fans (from France).
– AMCA certified Air curtains.
– AMCA certified General & Industrial ventilation fans.
– Air quality control products.
– Ecology units & Filtration systems for kitchen exhaust.
– Ozone free Bi-polar Ionization products which cleans & kills bacteria/viruses in the air.
– Air conditioner spares.

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B. Krishna Kumar



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