How the manufacturing process looks like in Martech Group?

It is good question, so now we aim to meet customers expectations and we want to present you organisation chart in our Group from the perspective of the dampers and flaps.

You can see what we can do starting from the receiving an inquiry, by making an offer, production, shipment up to delivery.

From inquiry to shipment

The proces is very simple and we can present it in 4 steps:

  1. Inquiry
  2. Offer
  3. Order
  4. Shipment

Cooperation in Martech Group

Cooperation between companies in our Group is very strong in every step of our work. We base on one another’s experience making products and offer in the highest level.





Experience in export of dampers

In dampers market MARTECH GROUP have big experience:

• More than 3700 projects realized by Raumag Janich

• Very extensive technical documentation

• Innovative solutions for various of working medium in installation / site

• Design office with qualified engineers

• Big production plant with appropriate equipment and devices

• Every project is made according to our Client requirement

• Openness for changes in project before manufacturing

• Support with packing and transport issues, documentation, custom clearance, inspection, etc.

Our sample realizations


We can support you with packing service:

➢ Seaworthy packing – wooden, fumigated boxes according to ISPM-15 standard and with certificate.

➢ Marking according to specification.

➢ Packing for road transport.

➢ Anti-corrossion protection of packing elements.

➢ Packing for air transport.

➢ We can also ensure insurance for sent merchandise.

➢ If you need another service – please ask. We will try to help you and find solution.


We can support you with transport service:

➢ Road transport

➢ Sea transport

➢ Air transport

➢ Custom documents and custom clearance in our country

➢ We can also ensure insurance for sending merchandise

➢ If you need another service – please ask. We will try to help you and find solution.

Other Services

• Supervision on site.

• Installation by our team.

• Supplying spare parts.

• Giving suitable solutions for projects.

• Help on every step of production / project process.

Our products list includes:

– AMCA certified Corrosion resistant fans (from France).
– AMCA certified Air curtains.
– AMCA certified General & Industrial ventilation fans.
– Air quality control products.
– Ecology units & Filtration systems for kitchen exhaust.
– Ozone free Bi-polar Ionization products which cleans & kills bacteria/viruses in the air.
– Air conditioner spares.

Contact Us

Contact Person:

B. Krishna Kumar



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Aeras Incorporation FZCO, Unit 101, Building A2, DSO-IFZA, Dubai Digital Park, UAE